Teakwood is always the first choice for outdoor use. This immensely stable timber has a high oil and rubber content which acts as a natural water repellent, making the wood virtually immune to rotting and a favorite for use in constructing sailboats and other ocean sailing vessels. Our outdoor teak line of furniture weathers beautifully, season after season, and can be left untreated outside without the risk of rotting. This makes it the number one choice for high quality, low maintenance garden furniture.

British craftsmen discovered the versatile uses for Teak wood in the 19th century. They were familiar with this type of wood from the large sailboats that connected Asia with Europe. Teak has qualities unlike any other type of wood – it could withstand the sun, rain and ocean water, while weathering attractively. A tradition was born.

care of teak

Left alone to age, the natural color of teak furnishings will patina to a soft, silver-grey. Treating teak furniture with teak oil or other preservatives is not needed to protect your furniture and will not extend the life of your furniture; it is only used for aesthetic appeal.

In humid or wet climates, or after rains, the wood may naturally expand and contract, causing the grain to rise. This is to be expected with exposure to the elements and will stabilize after the initial weathering occurs. Small surface cracks may appear this is a characteristic of all timbers and will not affect the strength or durability of the furniture. This is due to the changes in seasons and the wood releasing or drawing in moisture from the air.

To maintain wood furnishings, use a soft bristled utility brush and stroke lightly in the direction of the grain to remove surface dust. For more stubborn dirt, the wood may be
washed periodically with a mild solution of soapy water, then rinsed thoroughly and allowed to dry completely. Commercial hardwood oils and bleaching agents may be used to maintain or restore the natural color and luster of teak wood. Depending on climate exposure, furnishings may need to be treated one or more times per year as desired. Some wood furnishings have exposed hardware, which may require tightening from time to time. All hardware in our outdoor furniture line is made of brass, therefore one does not need to worry about rusting. Care should be taken not to under-or over-tighten hardware.